How to wrap text around the table in MS Word

Microsoft Word allows you to place a table anywhere within your document.

By default, the table aligns itself to the left margin, and the text flows from above to below the table.

You can align the table any other way you want. You could align it horizontally to the middle of the page, or align it to the right margin. It is also possible to center it vertically within the paragraph. If necessary, you can make it start from the top of the paragraph, or shift it to the bottom of the paragraph.

While moving the table around in the page as above, it is also possible to make the text wrap around the table. This makes the text appear all around the table for a better-looking document.

We explain how you can do all the above in simple stepwise instructions.

Let us start.

Step #1: Open the Word document

Open the Word document that has at least one table embedded in text.

By default, Word positions the table aligned to the left margin. The text stops above the table and resumes after the table.

Step #2: Open the Table Properties dialog

Right-click anywhere within the table.

In the menu that opens, click on Table Properties.

This opens the Table Properties dialog.

Step #3: Wrap the text around the table

The Table Properties dialog offers two choices for Text Wrapping:

  • None — this is the default
  • Around — wrap the text around the table.

Under section Text Wrapping, click on the Around icon.

Click on Ok to exit the dialog.

Word positions the text to flow around the table.

Step #4: Align the table horizontally.

You may align the table horizontally within the text to make it look more presentable.

For this, the Alignment section in the Table Properties offers three choices:

  • Left — this is the default (aligned to the left margin)
  • Center — aligned midway to the left and right margins
  • Right — aligned to the right margin

Select the option most suitable for your document.

Step #5: Align the table vertically.

Word also allows aligning the table vertically to make it look more presentable.

For this, click on the Positioning button within the Text Wrapping section in the Table Properties dialog.

Note: Word allows you to click the Positioning button only when you have selected Around under Text Wrapping.

This will open another dialog for Table Positioning.

The Table Positioning dialog offers more granular control of the positioning of the table. You can position the table relative to the column, page, margin, or paragraph in the document.

You can also adjust the distance between the table and the surrounding text.

Click on Ok to exit the dialog.


Follow our step-by-step instructions for wrapping text around a table. This will make your document more presentable.

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