How to Print Only Comments in Word

When several people are collaborating on a Microsoft Word document, they can insert comments and revision features making the process of editing much easier.

It enables the team to view changes to the document while reading the comments and critiques.

While you may print the content of the document along with the comments, it is also possible to print the comments alone.

Printing only the comments has its own advantages. Once the editing process is over, it is customary to remove the comments to allow the document to look more presentable.

Before removing the comments, you may want to preserve a hard copy of the comments and suggestions for later review with your collaborators.

Word allows printing the entire document along with the comments or printing only the comments. While printing the comments alone,

Word also allows displaying selective comments for printing.

Simply follow the steps below.

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How to print Black and White on MS Word

You may have a Word document with many colored diagrams and texts, but want it printed in black and white for several reasons—maybe it is only a test print, or you want to see how the margins will look when printed, and so on.

If you have a black and white printer, then there is no issue. Simply print the document and it will print in black and white. However, if your device is a color printer, then printing in black and white requires setting some controls.

In this tutorial, I will share step by step instruction to print a black and white word document using a color printer.

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How to print double sided on Google Docs

Double-sided printing refers to printing on both sides of a sheet. It is different from one-sided printing, where you only print on one side of the page, leaving the other side completely blank. 

Double-sided printing is useful because it helps you reduce your costs: since both sides of a sheet are being utilized, you can spend less money on paper. This is also eco-friendly as less paper waste would be generated.

This type of printing is also the convention for a lot of types of texts- including newspapers and books. For these reasons, double-sided printing is generally preferred to one-sided printing.

Some printers automatically print on both sides of the page. You just have to select the two-sided print option in your print settings and you’re good to go as the printer will automatically flip the pages. These printers are called duplex printers.

On the other hand, some printers require manual intervention as they don’t automatically print on both sides. You will have to manually flip the paper to print on both sides. These printers are called manual printers.

You can print your Google Docs document using both types of printers. In this article, we will be exploring both of  the following two methods in detail:

  • Double-sided printing for duplex printers
  • Double-sided printing for manual printers

Let’s start.

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How to create columns in Google Docs

One of the ways in which you can organize your text is by using columns. Google Docs allows you to organize your text in multiple columns and even add a line between each of them.

This feature is especially useful when you’re creating a newsletter or newspaper as the text in these types of content is generally organized in the form of columns.

Creating (and removing) columns in Google Docs is simple and convenient.

Moreover, you have a lot of options for customizing them- you can set the number of columns to divide your text into, choose the spacing between them, and decide whether or not to insert lines between them.

Let’s learn the steps to insert a column in your Google Docs document.

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How to Print Gridlines in Word

Gridlines are straight lines, which may be horizontal, vertical or a combination of both. Word uses gridlines for specific purposes, such as for: 

  1. Defining borders of cells in tables
  2. Defining major and minor axes in charts
  3. Aligning pictures and text

Using grids to define the borders of cells in tables makes the document more readable. Using grids in Word you can easily locate and enter data within individual cells in business documents.

Charts are easier to read and interpret if they show the major and minor axes as grids together with boundary lines. Grids help to position elements such as images and text on a page.

Microsoft Word supports printable gridlines.

Although gridlines look good on the document and serve a useful purpose, printing them may be an issue—Word does not always print gridlines—unless you specifically set it up for printing them.

How to print gridlines in Microsoft Word

Here, we will guide you so that you can print gridlines easily under different circumstances.

  • Printing Gridlines in Table
  • Printing the Axes in the chart
  • Printing Gridlines in text and for Image Alignment.

Lets get started.

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How to print from Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular word processing applications out there. It allows you to create all types of documents- including class notes, invoices and resumes- and customize them however you want.

You can also easily print your documents directly from Google Docs. There are two methods of printing a Google Docs document:

  • Using the Print command in the File tab (or using the Control+P shortcut)
  • Using Google Cloud Print

Never heard of Google Cloud Print? Not to worry as we will be giving you an introduction to the service in this article. We will also be talking about how to print a Google Docs document from your mobile.

Let’s get started.

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How to Print a Word Document Without Comments

If you have collaborated with other authors on creating a word document, chances are that you would have used its comments feature.

The comment feature lets you share feedback on specific parts of the document, it makes collaborating easy and straightforward.

Word, by default, also prints out the comments along with the document content.

But what if you don’t want to print the comments with the word doc?

Well, in this post I will be sharing two techniques that can be used to print a word document without the comments.

Here are they:

  • Hide the comments from the document
  • Unselect the comments from printing using printer settings

Important Note:

The techniques shared here will not remove the comments. They will simply hide the comments from the print output.

Lets start with the tutorial.

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How to Print Double-Sided (Duplex Printing) in Word

Double-sided printing or duplex printing is printing on both sides of the paper, like printing in books. Double-sided printing helps the environment by cutting the number of pages required for printing in half—thereby cutting down overall paper usage substantially. Sometimes, specific documents also require duplex printing, such as when printing a book or journal.

Printing basically depends on the type and functionality of the printer attached to the computer.

While some printers offer automated double-sided printing, many do not.

With Microsoft Word, it is possible to print double-sided on all types of printers, allowing three methods of duplex printing—one each for printers that can print double-sided and flip papers automatically, for printers that can print double-sided but require manual paper flipping, and for regular manual printers. These are three methods:

  • Automatic Double Sided Printing – For printers supporting double-sided printing
  • Printing using Manual Flip – For printers which require a manual flip
  • Manual Double-sided printingFor standard printers

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How to insert a vertical line in Google Docs

There are several situations when you might want to insert a vertical line in your Google Doc. For example, you might be creating a newsletter or newspaper page so you want to organize your text into columns and separate them with vertical lines. 

You can also insert vertical lines in your resume to divide it into different sections. This improves the look of your document, making it neater, more visually appealing, and more readable.

You might also want to insert a vertical line in the title of your document, like this:

“How to insert a vertical line in Google Docs | Office Beginner.”

In this article, we will be discussing four methods of adding a vertical line in Google Docs:

  • Using shapes
  • Adding paragraph borders
  • Adding lines between columns of text
  • Using a keyboard shortcut

Let’s get started.

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How to Insert a Horizontal Line in Google Docs

It’s useful to learn how to insert a line in Google Docs for several reasons. Horizontal lines are useful for dividing your document into different sections, especially if it’s lengthy. They improve the layout of your text, making it more readable. For example, you can use horizontal lines to create an organized and neat-looking resume. 

Note that adding a horizontal line in Google Docs is different from adding one in MS Word.

The main difference is that you can add a horizontal line using keyboard shortcuts in MS Word, but this option is not available in Google Docs. The closest alternative is underlining your text using the Control (or Command, for Mac users) + U option.

How to Insert a Horizontal Line in Google Docs

Google Docs gives you other options to quickly and easily insert a horizontal line in your document. In this article, we will be discussing three main methods of adding a horizontal line:

  • Directly adding a line from the Insert tab
  • Using shapes
  • Using paragraph borders

Let’s get started.

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