How to extract images from Powerpoint

You may have a PowerPoint presentation with many images. You plan to use some or all the images in another presentation.

2 methods to extract Images from PowerPoint:

  • Extract images one at a time.
  • Extract all the images at a time.

The first option is useful if you have to handle only a few images. If the number of images is high, the second option is a better choice.

We will show you both options. Use these options according to your requirements.

Let us start.

Method #1: Extract Images one at a time

Step #1: Open the presentation

Open the PowerPoint presentation containing images

Navigate to the slide containing the image you would like to extract. 

Step #2: Extract one image

Right-click on the image.

PowerPoint will select the image, and open a menu.

Click on Save as Picture.

PowerPoint will open the File Manager and allow you to save the image.

Navigate to the proper directory where you want to save the image.

Change the File name if necessary.

Click on Save to save the image.

Step #3: Extract another image

Navigate to the next slide with an image.

Repeat from Step #2.

Method #2: Extract all the images at a time.

Step #1 : Prepare File Manager for showing file extensions

Open File Manager.

Navigate to the directory containing the PowerPoint presentation with images.

Click on the View tab to open the ribbon

In the section Show/Hide, click on File name extensions and enable it.

File Manager now shows file name extensions after the name of each file.

Step #2: Make a copy of your presentation.

Select your presentation and right-click on it.

In the menu that opens, click on Copy. The menu will close.

Right-click in the empty space.

In the menu that opens, click on Paste.

The File Manager saves a copy of your file.

Step #3: Change the extension of the presentation copy.

Right-click on the copy of your presentation.

In the menu that opens, click on Rename.

Change the file extension from pptx to zip.

File Manager generates a warning. Click on Yes to accept.

Step #4: Extract all images.

Double-click on the zip file you just created.

File Manager opens the contents of the file. Click on the folder ppt.

File Manager opens the ppt folder to display its contents. Click on the folder media.

File Manager opens the media folder to display all the image files.

Select all the files, copy them and paste into a suitable folder for later use.


Use the above methods and steps to extract images one at a time, or all images at once from a PowerPoint presentation.

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