How to strikethrough text in Google Docs

Strikethrough is a horizontal line that runs through text while keeping the text readable. Here is an example:

Hello World , I am a strikethrough text.

As you can see, I have drawn a line through the above text and it is still readable.

Strikethrough is immensely useful in the editing process. It lets the editor convey that specific text needs to be deleted/revised.

Google Docs makes it super easy to create a strikethrough.

In this post, I will share two simple techniques to create strikethrough in google docs.

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How to change margins in Google Docs

In this post, I will be sharing step by step instructions for changing the margins in a google doc.

What are Margins?

Margin is the space between the main content area and the page edges. It keeps the text from colliding with edges of the document. Margin is also often required to accommodate different types of binding for the printed documents.

Are Margins same as indent?

The answer is No.

We would advise not to confuse the margins with the indents.

An indent describes how far the paragraph’s first line should be offset from the margin. There can be a 1-inch margin and half-inch indent so that the texts will begin from the 1.5 inches from the page’s edge.

A document might contain many different indents throughout the entire document, but a document will have an only single margin.

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