How to Create a Pie Chart in MS PowerPoint

By creating a pie chart in MS PowerPoint, you are visually demonstrating information. A pie chart is especially good to use to illustrate portions of the whole. We will show how you can:

1. Create a Pie Chart in MS Powerpoint.

2. Customize a Pie Chart in MS Powerpoint

We will show you all the above in simple, step-by-step instructions.

Let us begin.

Create a Pie Chart in Powerpoint

Step #1: Open a PowerPoint Slide

Open an existing or new PowerPoint presentation where you want to add a pie chart.

Navigate to where you want the pie chart to appear.

Click on the space between two slides in the left plane. A red line will appear.

Right click on the red line, and from the menu that opens, select New Slide.

Step #2: Create the Pie Chart

In the middle of the right pane, there will be eight icons.

Click on the Insert Chart icon that looks like a chart.

Tip: Hover with your mouse over each icon for their names to appear.

The Insert Chart dialog box will open.

Under All Charts, click on Pie.

Five types of pie charts are available:

  • Pie
  • 3-D Pie
  • Pie of Pie
  • Bar of Pie
  • Doughnut

Click on the type you want to select your pie chart.

For this tutorial, we have selected the normal 2D Pie chart.

Click on the OK button at the bottom.

The Pie chart and its corresponding Excel data chart appear in the slide.

Customize a Pie Chart

Step #1: Adjust Chart Data

Modify the rows and columns of the Excel spreadsheet to show the data you want it to show.

Once satisfied with the data, close the spreadsheet by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

Click on the text box Click to add title and enter a suitable title for your pie chart.

Step #2: Alter Chart Style

Click on the empty space beside the pie chart.

A border will appear along with three icons.

Click on the second icon, Chart Styles, which looks like a paintbrush.

A selection box will appear, allowing you to choose the Style and Color of the chart.

Select your preferred style and color.

The pie chart reflects your style choice.

Step #3: Update Chart Data on the Fly

Right-click on the Pie Chart.

In the menu that opens, click on Edit Data. 

Click on Edit Data in the next menu.

The chart data will open.

Change the elements in the spreadsheet to suit your needs.

Once satisfied with the data, close the spreadsheet by clicking on the X in the top right corner.

The Pie chart will update to reflect the changes.


Use our simple, step-by-step instructions above to create meaningful pie charts in PowerPoint.

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