How to duplicate a word document

Many a time there is a need to work on a document, while not wanting to disturb the original content.

For instance, one may want to try writing some sentences differently just to see whether they make better sense, else revert to the original.

Or, there may be a need to try to arrange some photos in the document in a different sequence from the original, compare the results, and keep the version that looks better. Of course, there may be countless other reasons for wanting to duplicate a document.

There are two ways to duplicate a Word document.

One of them is to treat the Word document as any other file and make a copy of it using Windows’ File Explorer. The other way is to use Word itself to make a copy.

2 Methods to Duplicate a Word Document

  • Using File Explorer to make a copy of the Word document
  • Using Word to make a copy of the Word document

Let’s start.

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How to transfer ownership of your Google Doc

The person who creates or uploads a Google Docs document is also the owner of that document. However, there might be situations when you want to transfer the ownership of the document to someone else. For example, you can create a copy of a document and make someone else its owner.

When you transfer ownership, you will still be able to access the document and view it.

However, you will not be able to make any edits to it (unless you’re given editing rights, as opposed to only viewing rights) or delete the document.

You also will not be able to make someone else the owner of the document. 

Moreover, the new owner can remove you from the list of people with whom the document is shared. If this happens, you will not be able to access the document anymore. Make sure that you are aware of what you would be losing out on if you transfer ownership of your document.

Note that Google Docs (and Google Sheets and Google Slides) doesn’t allow you to share ownership of a document: at any given time, there can only be a single owner. This is why you can only transfer ownership and not share it. Also, you cannot do it from your Android device, iPhone or iPad- you can only do it from a web browser.

With that introduction, let’s look at the steps to transfer the ownership of a document.

2 ways to transfer Ownership of a Google Document

  • How to transfer OwnerShip of Single File
  • How to transfer ownership of a folder.

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How to create and print labels in MS Word

In general, a label is a sticker with something written on it. People place such stickers with printed information such as addresses on envelopes.

Your label may have one of two addresses—the recipient’s address or the sender’s address. Microsoft Word allows you to create and print such labels.

Here, we will explain the steps necessary for creating and printing labels in Word.

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How to Print in Reverse Order in Word

The printing order typically starts from page 1 and proceeds up to the last page. Printed papers that emerge from the printer come out with the last page on top and the first page at the bottom of the pile. If your document had only about 5-10 pages, sorting them manually—to bring page one on the top—is no major task.

Now, instead of a few pages, what if your document was actually a book with a few hundred pages?

After you have printed all the pages, sorting them to bring page 1 on the top could soon become a tedious exercise.

Well, the solution is very simple—why not start the printing process beginning with the last page and finish with page one?

The process is termed printing in reverse order, and the printer you are using may allow doing so because of a built-in functionality.

However, all printers may not possess that facility, so you can set up Microsoft Word to do that for you.

We will guide you through the process of printing your Word document in reverse order following a few simple steps. In fact, you can do that in two ways.

  • Set Word to print in reverse order by default.
  • Reverse print the document using custom print options.

Lets start.

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How to Print Word Documents with Background Colors or Images

In your daily work-life, you may come across documents with a background color or image. Microsoft Word also allows changing the background of your document to a solid color of your choice.

In its Design menu, Word even allows you to choose from several fill effects like gradients, textures, patterns, and pictures, with innumerable varieties

However, that is only half the story.

Once you have gone through the choices, selected a pattern that you like, and embedded it as the background of your document, you face the next hurdle.

Although your document now looks beautiful, you cannot get Word to print the background along with the contents.

In this tutorial, we will share simple steps you can take to ensure that you can easily print your document with the background.

Lets start

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How to Delete Revision History in Google Docs

One of the most useful features that Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides provide is version history.

If you made unwanted changes to your original document, you can simply go through the past versions of your document and choose the one you want to restore.

Also, if you’ve shared your document with other people and you want to keep track of the changes they made, you can do so by viewing the revision history of that document.

Similarly, if someone has shared a document with you, this feature allows them to conveniently keep track of any changes you make, without you having to send them regular updates.

However, sometimes you might want to delete the revision history of your document.

For example, let’s say you want to share a document that previously contained confidential information that you don’t want anybody to see.

Even though you have deleted that information, any person you’ve shared the document with can simply view the previous version of the document.

Google Docs doesn’t allow you to delete the revision history of your document, but there is a way around this problem.

  1. You can simply make a copy of the version of the document that you want to share and rename the file.
  2. Since this is a completely new document, the previous versions of the document will not be visible.

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How to Print Only Comments in Word

When several people are collaborating on a Microsoft Word document, they can insert comments and revision features making the process of editing much easier.

It enables the team to view changes to the document while reading the comments and critiques.

While you may print the content of the document along with the comments, it is also possible to print the comments alone.

Printing only the comments has its own advantages. Once the editing process is over, it is customary to remove the comments to allow the document to look more presentable.

Before removing the comments, you may want to preserve a hard copy of the comments and suggestions for later review with your collaborators.

Word allows printing the entire document along with the comments or printing only the comments. While printing the comments alone,

Word also allows displaying selective comments for printing.

Simply follow the steps below.

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How to print Black and White on MS Word

You may have a Word document with many colored diagrams and texts, but want it printed in black and white for several reasons—maybe it is only a test print, or you want to see how the margins will look when printed, and so on.

If you have a black and white printer, then there is no issue. Simply print the document and it will print in black and white. However, if your device is a color printer, then printing in black and white requires setting some controls.

In this tutorial, I will share step by step instruction to print a black and white word document using a color printer.

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How to print double sided on Google Docs

Double-sided printing refers to printing on both sides of a sheet. It is different from one-sided printing, where you only print on one side of the page, leaving the other side completely blank. 

Double-sided printing is useful because it helps you reduce your costs: since both sides of a sheet are being utilized, you can spend less money on paper. This is also eco-friendly as less paper waste would be generated.

This type of printing is also the convention for a lot of types of texts- including newspapers and books. For these reasons, double-sided printing is generally preferred to one-sided printing.

Some printers automatically print on both sides of the page. You just have to select the two-sided print option in your print settings and you’re good to go as the printer will automatically flip the pages. These printers are called duplex printers.

On the other hand, some printers require manual intervention as they don’t automatically print on both sides. You will have to manually flip the paper to print on both sides. These printers are called manual printers.

You can print your Google Docs document using both types of printers. In this article, we will be exploring both of  the following two methods in detail:

  • Double-sided printing for duplex printers
  • Double-sided printing for manual printers

Let’s start.

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How to create columns in Google Docs

One of the ways in which you can organize your text is by using columns. Google Docs allows you to organize your text in multiple columns and even add a line between each of them.

This feature is especially useful when you’re creating a newsletter or newspaper as the text in these types of content is generally organized in the form of columns.

Creating (and removing) columns in Google Docs is simple and convenient.

Moreover, you have a lot of options for customizing them- you can set the number of columns to divide your text into, choose the spacing between them, and decide whether or not to insert lines between them.

Let’s learn the steps to insert a column in your Google Docs document.

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